[OpenAFS] Not enough disk space

Frank Burkhardt fbo2@gmx.net
Wed, 5 Dec 2012 16:14:40 +0100

Hi everybody,

most of our file servers exceed the magical limit of 2TiB per partition.
When I try to save a file via MS Word 2010 on a volume there, an error
is shown

 "There is not enough disk space. Free enough disk space, and the
 try again."

It seems to be related to the free disk blocks on the partition exceeding
2^31 . I'm not quite sure, if my users started using MS Word for files
on those partitions recently of if the Windows AFS Client's behaviour
changed during an upgrade. I'm using 1.7.1700 here. Depending on the
Fileserver's AFS version, doing 'fs exa' on a directory in an affected volume
shows different kinds of values for the partitions free space:

# openafs
$ fs exa my/folder
The partition has 1385923784 blocks available out of -1290650952
# Wrong: 5.2TiB is available

# openafs 1.6.1:
The partition has -1 blocks available out of -1
# Wrong: 5.4TiB is available

Writing those Word files works fine as long as version[fileserver] == 1.4.12
and (bytesfree[partition] mod 2^42) < 2^41 . Is there a solution to that

Best Regards,

Frank Burkhardt