[OpenAFS] OpenAFS client 1.7.201 and later triggers printing of smiley faces on all printers shared via Samba

Bo Nygaard Bai bai@es.aau.dk
Tue, 7 Feb 2012 15:20:12 +0100

We have observed that windows clients running an installation of the=20
OpenAFS client version 1.7.201 and later will, unknown to the user,=20
print garbage on all our printers. Every time a user opens/refreshes the=20
Samba share exporting the printers, each available printer will print 2=20
pages each containing a single line of output:

,\ =E2=98=BA=E2=98=BA

In case the above UTF-8 does not survive the mail system:


Just viewing the share exporting the printers will trigger this.

We only see this when the OpenAFS Client Service is running and only=20
after version 1.7.201. It even happens when the windows Print Spooler=20
service is stopped but AFS is running.

Has anybody else seen this or have an explanation?

Should I file a bug report on this?

/Bo Bai