[OpenAFS] Re: cd: user: Connection timed out

Dvorkin, Asya dvorkias@umdnj.edu
Tue, 7 Feb 2012 18:18:29 -0500

> Are all of the user volumes located on psrwjmsafs1 partition c,
> according to 'vos listvl'?


>> We do have backups of all user directories, so I guess I'd like to
>> understand what are my options and how to get it up and running.
> How are the backups stored? Do you back them up by using 'vos dump', or
> are they tarballs or something? If you have volume dumps, you should be
> able to 'vos restore' the volume dump to get the volume back.

They are backed up using vos dump
[root@psrwjmsafs1 dvorkias]# ls

> Otherwise, for each user volume, make sure it's actually gone, and then
> 'vos delentry user.<username>', and then 'vos create ...' the volume
> just like you normally would when first creating it. Then you can
> populate the volume with the data you want to restore by just copying it
> back into place (cp, rsync, whatever), and setting ACLs as you want.

Thank you, Andrew.  Will it then recreate all user/*/* directories and I wo=
uld manually put back all users?

What do you mean make sure it's actually gone?  Directory is totally empty=

Thank you!!!