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Jeffrey Altman jaltman@your-file-system.com
Tue, 07 Feb 2012 18:37:37 -0500

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On 2/7/2012 6:18 PM, Dvorkin, Asya wrote:
>> Are all of the user volumes located on psrwjmsafs1 partition c,
>> according to 'vos listvl'?
> Yes
>>> We do have backups of all user directories, so I guess I'd like to
>>> understand what are my options and how to get it up and running.
>> How are the backups stored? Do you back them up by using 'vos dump', o=
>> are they tarballs or something? If you have volume dumps, you should b=
>> able to 'vos restore' the volume dump to get the volume back.
> They are backed up using vos dump
> example:
> [root@psrwjmsafs1 dvorkias]# ls
> user.dvorkias-0.dump.gz.aa
>> Otherwise, for each user volume, make sure it's actually gone, and the=
>> 'vos delentry user.<username>', and then 'vos create ...' the volume
>> just like you normally would when first creating it. Then you can
>> populate the volume with the data you want to restore by just copying =
>> back into place (cp, rsync, whatever), and setting ACLs as you want.
> Thank you, Andrew.  Will it then recreate all user/*/* directories and =
I would manually put back all users?
> What do you mean make sure it's actually gone?  Directory is totally em=
> Thank you!!!
> Asya

You need to restore the volume that the 'user' mount point refers to and
all of the volumes that are mounted underneath that volume.  If the
volume that 'user' mounts is "root.user", then you need to restore that.

You have the dump files so that makes things a bit easier but you will
should make an attempt to restore the volumes to the same volume ids and
location (server/partition) that they were originally located at.

Are you sure that the only partition that was formatted or damaged is
psrwjmsafs1/vicepc ?

If so "vos listvldb -server psrwjmsafs1 -partition vicepc -noresolve" to
obtain the list of volumes that need to be restored and their volume ID

You will restore each volume with the "vos restore" command to the same
server, partition, volume-name, volume-id.

If there are readonly replica sites on that partition you will need to
"vos release" those volumes.

If there are .backup volumes, you will need to decide how you want to
recreate them.  If you don't care about the old data, then you can just
create a new .backup after you perform the restore of the rw volume.

You haven't provided enough details to be more specific.

Jeffrey Altman

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