[OpenAFS] Re: cd: user: Connection timed out

Dvorkin, Asya dvorkias@umdnj.edu
Tue, 7 Feb 2012 18:41:32 -0500


[root@psrwjmsafs1 rwjresearch.umdnj.edu]# vos ex user.dvorkias
user.dvorkias                     536871325 RW          2 K  On-line
    psrwjmsafs1.umdnj.edu /vicepc=20
    RWrite  536871325 ROnly          0 Backup          0=20
    MaxQuota    1000000 K=20
    Creation    Tue Feb  7 18:25:22 2012
    Copy        Tue Feb  7 18:25:22 2012
    Backup      Never
    Last Update Tue Feb  7 18:25:22 2012
    0 accesses in the past day (i.e., vnode references)

    RWrite: 536871325=20
    number of sites -> 1
       server psrwjmsafs1.umdnj.edu partition /vicepc RW Site=20

[root@psrwjmsafs1 rwjresearch.umdnj.edu]# vos listvl user.dvorkias

    RWrite: 536871325=20
    number of sites -> 1
       server psrwjmsafs1.umdnj.edu partition /vicepc RW Site=20

Seems like it's all good.  I still cannot cd into user directory as I'm sti=
ll getting Connection timed out error message.

[root@psrwjmsafs1 .rwjresearch.umdnj.edu]# fs checkv
All volumeID/name mappings checked.
[root@psrwjmsafs1 .rwjresearch.umdnj.edu]# cd /
[root@psrwjmsafs1 /]# fs flushm /afs/.rwjresearch.umdnj.edu/user
[root@psrwjmsafs1 /]# cd /afs/.rwjresearch.umdnj.edu/user
-bash: cd: /afs/.rwjresearch.umdnj.edu/user: Connection timed out

Sorry if I am being very slow :(

On Feb 7, 2012, at 6:31 PM, Andrew Deason wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Feb 2012 18:18:29 -0500
> "Dvorkin, Asya" <dvorkias@umdnj.edu> wrote:
>> Thank you, Andrew.  Will it then recreate all user/*/* directories and
> No, you need to do that yourself, if you didn't back up the 'user'
> volume itself.
> I assume you had a 'user' volume, and I assume that it's now gone. 'vos
> listvl user' gives you information, but 'vos ex user' gives an error,
> correct? (it'll say something like 'dump only information from vldb')
> In that case, just 'vos delentry user' and then
> 'vos create <server> <part> user'. Then, from whatever client you're on,
> cd to /afs/.<cell>/user and populate the contents as they were before.
> (You may need to 'fs checkv' and 'fs flushm /afs/.<cell>/user' first for
> that to work.)
> If you had everything in one big directory, then just run 'fs mkmount'
> in a loop to create the mountpoints. If you had intermediate
> directories, then create those and the mountpoints, etc. If you had the
> contents of 'user' replicated to different servers, run 'vos addsite'
> for them, and release.
>> I would manually put back all users?
> User information is stored in a different place. If you can 'pts examine
> <username>' for users, that's probably all still fine.
>> What do you mean make sure it's actually gone?  Directory is totally
>> empty=85
> Never mind that; you have the volume dumps so what I was saying there
> doesn't apply.
> --=20
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> adeason@sinenomine.net
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