[OpenAFS] fibre channel or 10GE

Sean murray@tlabs.ac.za
Thu, 09 Feb 2012 00:29:56 +0200


Busy setting up our new cell.

I have a some storage coming from a netapp device,(50TB) and some
hopefully coming from a ceph cluster ( hardware on order).

I have read through various mails in this list re performance
of afs on nfs and vm's, and am still no closer to a clear understanding
of the specs I require of my server, I am not in a position to test
10GE vs fibre channel before I pay.

We are trying to get rid of our windows file server and move all to afs, 
together with our current hodge podge of nfs servers.

Memory wise I figured the more the merrier so 2 servers, dual socket 6 
core with 64GB of ram(ram is cheap), but the stumbling block is fibre 
channel or 10GE. I could get more lower spec machines, but then the cost 
per bandwidth/proc speed goes up, although I could be wrong.

I have limited experience with recent high end san's is there any real
advantage to fibre channel over 10GE with respect to afs performance 
(iscsi or fcoe, *not* nfs) ?
Is fibre channel always suggested for historical reasons ?
I cant see any performance hit from 10GE ? and I get fail over to a dr 
site, with 10GE.

Your suggestions would be most appreciated.

Might I suggest list of example configurations and their performances, 
this has not been an easy exercise. I am trying to play around with my
current config, but its hard to judge performance on scrap hardware
with only 1GE.