[OpenAFS] Re: Offline volumes after upgrade to 1.6.1pre2

Åsa Andersson spigg@csc.kth.se
Fri, 24 Feb 2012 14:48:24 +0100

On 12-02-23, Andrew Deason wrote:

> Thanks. This is due to some of the more odd parts of the salvager desig=
> (and I think has been around for a while)... an RO volume in this
> environment that is "bad" because of volume data (but the volume
> metadata is fine) will currently cause the volume data to go away, but
> the headers and stuff will stick around. So after one salvage, the RO
> volume is unusable until you salvage it again and the RO volume is
> deleted because there's no data associated with the headers.
> This is not quite as a noticeable with DAFS because, among other
> reasons, the volume will just get salvaged automatically twice.
> I think the patches I've submitted in gerrit 6783-6787 will fix this
> situation. But it shouldn't be too urgent for you or anything; you
> should be fine if you just salvage the relevant volumes twice as you
> have been doing. So if you're fine with how your environment is now,
> there's nothing further you need to do.

We still have a few volumes going offline each day, but we will solve that
with preventive salvaging. However, we now have a understanding of what is
going on and how to handle the problem, so thanks a lot for your help!

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