[OpenAFS] Re: Setting Up OpenAFS on FreeBSD

Tim Gustafson tjg@soe.ucsc.edu
Fri, 6 Jul 2012 09:20:21 -0700

> I just sent off a (believed to be final) patch to get 1.6.1 in the freebsd
> ports collection this morning; it should hit the ports tree within a day or
> two.

Thanks!  This has hit the ports treen and I got quite a bit further.
OpenAFS is running, but now when I go to create a file system, I get:

root@server: vos create server /vicepa root.afs -localauth
vos : partition /vicepa does not exist on the server

The folder /vicepa does indeed exist, and is empty:

root@server: ls -ald /vicepa
drwxr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  2 Jul  6 09:09 /vicepa

Is there a special flag I need to give to vos to tell it that this is
a file partition, rather than an inode partition?


Tim Gustafson
Baskin Engineering, Room 313A