[OpenAFS] Re: Problems with ACLS

Stefan Michael Guenther s.guenther@in-put.de
Mon, 7 May 2012 22:24:43 +0200


> hm. what does fs lq /afs/in-put.de/data tell you?
> not that a readonly filesystem should give "permission denied" but it
> would be helpful to know.
[root@deluh01-lsv002 ~]# fs lq /afs/in-put.de/data
Volume Name                    Quota       Used %Used   Partition
root.cell                       5000          5    0%          0%

I just did the following on the client:

> kinit admin
> aklog -d
> tokens
> touch /afs/in-put.de/data/test

No "permission denied"!

Then on the server I added my account to system:administrators:

pts adduser stefan system:administrators -cell in-put.de

And back on the client:

> kinit stefan
> aklog -d -force
> tokens
> touch /afs/in-put.de/data/test2
"Permission denied"

Well, as user "admin" I am allowed to create files, but even as a mmember of the administrators group it is not possible for me?

This is strange.