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It seems the download links are broken ( the 1.7.14 directory is missing fr=
om http://openafs.org/dl/openafs/ ).

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=C4mne: [OpenAFS-announce] OpenAFS 1.7.14 released for Microsoft Windows

OpenAFS 1.7.14 is the latest in a new series of OpenAFS clients for the
Microsoft Windows platform that is implemented as a native file system.

1.7.14 fixes two major issues discovered in 1.7.13:

 * A kernel deadlock that is triggered by Sophos anti-virus
   products but can be triggered by other activity.

 * A crash of afsd_service.exe at startup if the previous
   shutdown of afsd_service.exe was not clean.

The significant changes since 1.7.12 are:

 * Fixes problems with Adobe Acrobat Reader

 * Fixes problems with Adobe Acrobat Pro X

 * Fixes problems with Windows Media Player

 * Corrects BSODs
   . interaction with Microsoft anti-virus product
   . kernel memory corruption due to race condition

 * Increased maximum path depth from 32 to 512 expanded components
   (symlinks, mount points, @sys substitutions)

1.7.14 is the recommended release of OpenAFS for Microsoft Windows
users. It supports Microsoft Windows client operating systems from
Windows XP SP3 through Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server operating
systems from 2003 SP2 through 2008 R2 SP1.  The 1.7.14 Windows client is
fully compatible with all AFS server versions.

For UNIX, Linux, and MacOS X the recommended production-ready release of
OpenAFS is 1.6.1.

Source code and binaries can be downloaded from


Please visit http://www.openafs.org/windows.html for up to date
information on the status of the OpenAFS for Windows client.

Please send reports of successful deployments to
openafs-info@openafs.org and report problems to openafs-bugs@openafs.org.

Jeffrey Altman
for the OpenAFS Gatekeepers

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