[OpenAFS] shadow volumes and 'vos syncvldb'

Arne Wiebalck Arne.Wiebalck@cern.ch
Thu, 15 Nov 2012 17:26:09 +0000

Dear all,

If detecting shadow volumes, does 'vos syncvldb' really update VLDB entries=
to point to the shadow location instead of the location of the R/W source v=
as stated in the man page? (Some simple tests and a quick check in the code=
seem to indicate that at least in 1.4 this is not the case).

Would I need to run 'vos delentry' on all volumes before running 'vos syncv=
on the shadow server or is there something else I should do?

I assume that in a disaster recovery situation where the source server is n=
reachable I probably need to delete the entries anyway as=20
- 'vos syncvldb' will need a macroscopic timeout for each volume on the=20
  unreachable server, and
- it will not even update VLDB in the end if communication fails. Correct?


Arne Wiebalck