[OpenAFS] performance and udp buffers

Jakub Moscicki Jakub.Moscicki@cern.ch
Mon, 19 Nov 2012 07:15:11 +0000

Hi Simon,

Thanks for this analysis. The increased UDP works pretty well for us at CER=
N so far - albeit one limit gone other limits appear more pronounced.

> management packets. 16Mbytes should be plenty providing that you don't
> a) Dramatically increase the number of threads on your fileserver
> b) Increase the RX window size
> c) Increase the ethernet frame size of your network (what impact this has=
 depends on the internals of your network card implementation)
> d) Have a large number of 1.6.0 clients on your network

Do you mean 1.6.0 (referring to a specific bug in 1.6.0) or 1.6.x (referrin=
g to some general change in client behaviour in 1.6 series)?=20