[OpenAFS] the future

Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) chas@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 08:52:21 -0400

In message <20121001044831.GK25683@us.grid.coop>,Troy Benjegerdes writes:
>Can anyone who has experience migrating to/from OpenAFS from/to anything 
>else in the last 2-3 years please comment? If there's really something 
>free, functional, and already included then I'd like to know what the 
>heck it is.

we are running lustre alongside afs right now.  lustre is generally
much much faster than afs.  the downside is that the security model
is essentially nfsv3.  anyone with root on a lustre client is essentially
any other user on the filesystem and can read/write your files.

lustre also has some issues since it currently lacks bulk stat but
i believe the work on that is in progress.  lack of bulk stat makes
it difficult to use over long haul links but you can work around