[OpenAFS] Re: Failure to build OpenAFS 1.6.1a

Tom Mukunnemkeril Tom Mukunnemkeril <torrent_tech@yahoo.com>
Mon, 8 Oct 2012 13:37:30 -0700 (PDT)

I can confirm with Andrew that you do not need to do --with-krb5 with Slack=
ware.=A0 I've been compiling openafs with Slackware for quite a while witho=
ut specifying any of the kerberos configuration flags in openafs.=A0 All I =
run is ./configure for openafs.=0A=0AI built Kerberos 1.7.1 from SlackBuild=
s and was able to compile openafs with the configure options you provided a=
nd didn't get any compile errors.=0A=0A=0ATested with:=0A=0ASlackware 13.37=
 x64 ( 1.7.1=0Aopenafs-1.6.1a=0A=0AFrom my testing, I'm=
 also wondering if the error indicates it is using a different kerberos lib=
rary (assuming another is installed).=0A=0ATom Mukunnemkeril=0A=0A=0A=0A---=
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t 2012 14:42:11 -0400=0AAndrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net> wrote:=0A=0A=
> Can you provide the config.log from the build process? (I think it's=0A> =
in /tmp/SBo/krb5-1.7.1/src/config.log, or something like that.) Or at=0A> l=
east see what it says a few lines after:=0A=0AEr, sorry, that must have sou=
nded really confusing. I mean the OpenAFS=0Aconfig.log, not the krb5 config=
.log. So,=0A/usr/src/openafs-1.6.1a/config.log, or wherever you ran configu=
re.=0A=0AAlso, you shouldn't need to give the --with-krb5* options. I think=
 we=0Ashould be able to find /usr/kerberos/bin/krb5-config automatically; o=
r=0Aif you want, you can force it with the KRB5_CONFIG environment variable=
.=0A=0AI did just try the configure invocation you gave on a slackware 13.3=
7=0Abox, though, and couldn't get it to fail. You don't have kerberos also=
=0Ainstalled somewhere else or anything like that, do you?=0A=0A-- =0AAndre=
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