[OpenAFS] Problems in openafs paradise.

John Tobin jtobin@po-box.esu.edu
Thu, 18 Oct 2012 18:35:15 -0400

Just a quick thank you, I will work on this later today and Sunday.
I support a number of open source packages for the computer science
department here. Some of those other open source forums can be a bit rough,
some just don't answer, especially newbie questions [I always assumed they
didn't think it was worth their time...]. Thanks for the support from both
Christof and Russ Allbery [separate response]. It makes the journey so much
easier. I will stick with English, I am told my German is atrocious, since
it is jaded by Pennsylvania Deutsch. [Danke].


On 10/18/12 1:22 AM, "Christof Hanke" <christof.hanke@rzg.mpg.de> wrote:

> Am Wed, 17 Oct 2012 20:12:12 -0400
> schrieb John Tobin <jtobin@po-box.esu.edu>:
>> Dear Openafs.
>> I am a relative new user of openafs.
>> I am trying to set up openafs-1.6.1 under a suse 12.1.
>> I initially tried to use an old suse readme file to install, that
>> failed miserably.
>> So I went to the quick start guide.
>> I have setup ntp with a local server.
>> I have installed all of the SUSE 12.1 openafs-blah-blah.rpms  except
>> the kmp stuff... There are choices there: which one do I use?
>> Openafs-kmp-: mit, pae, xen desktop, default, I assume this is a
>> choice, they all don=A9=F6t go on do they?
> SuSE comes with different flavours of kernels, depending on what kind of
> machine you are running.
> On my laptop it is eg. "desktop"
> hanke@dijon:~> uname -r
> 3.4.6-2.10-desktop
> But anyway, you can install multiple kmod-rpms (as you also can
> install multiple flavours).
>> I notice the kerberos is mit.
> yes.
>> I installed: rpm =A1=A9U openafs-repository.1.6.1noarch.rpm and I assume
>> that installing that changes the file and makes it so the modprobe
>> program will start the loadable modules required. If not, where is
>> the documentation for what the mods are?
> =20
> Hmm, maybe I should add a dependency on the rpms...
>> I assume it would be easiest to use Russ Allbery=A9=F6s =A9=F8pam-afs-server2.5
>> code, so I downloaded that config=A9=F6d it, ran make, check, and make
>> install. The documentation is about debian, and Red Hat, any hints on
>> SUSE?
> See http://www.rzg.mpg.de/networkservices/configuring-your-pc
> for how to configure this, it is not SuSE-specific, but should be
> understandable.
>> Does anyone have this running under SUSE 12.1 [it sounds like it from
>> the documentation...]?
> yes, I do. Feel free to ask more questions.
>> tob
> T/Christof