[OpenAFS] Proposal: OpenAFS foundation to develop AFS server appliance

Dyer, Rodney rmdyer@uncc.edu
Mon, 3 Sep 2012 05:24:01 +0000

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> I believe the proactive case here would be to create an OpenAFS foundatio=
n with the
> charter to work with storage hardware vendors to offer and market storage=
> with the AFS server software pre-installed, in the same way that NFS and =
> servers are already embedded in the storage product hardware offering.
> Places like Your-File-System could then offer value-added upgrades to the=
> embedded OpenAFS on the storage appliance.
> I think we all get so tied up in the technical aspects sometimes we forge=
t that it is
> *sales and marketing* that keeps people buying crap like NFS and CIFS.
[rmdyer's comment]=20

NFS... yes crap.

CIFS... no, not crap.  CIFS with "dfs", and you've got yourself something v=
ery similar to AFS, and in some ways solves the problems we've been having =
with AFS.  However it creates other problems as well.

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