[OpenAFS] Busy call channel when communicating with server ...

Michael Richter m.richter@tu-berlin.de
Tue, 04 Sep 2012 08:45:44 +0200


since a month we have infrequent problem on our workstations. The PCs 
are getting unresponsive, programs are crashing, it's not usable. While 
this happens OpenAFS posts messages like this in 5s-interval:

Type:	Warning
Source:	AFS Client
Event-ID:	4145
Eventtime:	03.09.2012 16:06:24
User:	n/z
Computer:	UBWSTMAPC185
Busy call channel when communicating with server, 
retrying ...

This does not happen on all PCs. But all PCs use the same software: 
Windows XP Prof SP3, OpenAFS 1.6.1

I asked our AFS server administrators but it seems that they don't know 
what's wrong.
Does someone know what I can do to fix it?