[OpenAFS] ktc 7 error on Openafs 1.7.17 on Windows 6 2005 (64 bit)

John Tang Boyland boyland@uwm.edu
Fri, 07 Sep 2012 10:11:52 -0500

Dear OpenAFS community,
   I have a new crop of students attempting to get OpenAFS working on
their computers.  OpenAFS 1.7 is working better than OpenAFS 1.6 
  except that the
  need to edit krb5.conf to add "allow_weak_crypto = true" is annoying.
  Students (1) can't find the file and give up (ProgramData is "hidden"),
  or (2) find it and edit it and find they can't save it, because they
  don't know what it means to "edit as administrator".  So they save
  as krb5.conf.txt, and then don't get a useful error message
  back from NIM -- it simply tries "openafs.org" instead.
  aklog gives more useful messages.
but I was surprised to see someone still getting "ktc 7" error when
using aklog.

Network Identity Manager is able to get credentials and AFS tokens (albeit
with a LONG delay).

kinit works fine.  aklog works until the
very last step, when it gets unknown error (ktc 7).

With the setup, we able to access \\afs\cs.uwm.edu\users\classes
but not able to access the actual class, almost certainly
because up to this point requires no tokens, but
tokens are required to get into the class.

It seems that OpenAFS is running and NIM/Kerberos are running fine,
but it is not possible to get the tokens from NIM to openafs.

I tried:
	net view \\afs
and got the error
	'net' is not known as a command, batch file, ...

John Boyland