[OpenAFS] buildbot and packages

Chaz Chandler clc31@inbox.com
Thu, 13 Sep 2012 21:04:37 -0800

> My big concern is that nightly installable builds will be a support
> nightmare.
> There are a large number of users that will always take the latest no
> matter what.
> I realize there is an argument to be made for users being free to do
> hang themselves.  But I question whether that is what organizational
> help desks are prepared to support.
> The real issue that needs to be addressed is how to produce supportable
> releases on a more frequent basis.  In the past the consensus among the
> gatekeepers has been to move to a biweekly release cycle.  Whatever is
> ready for a given release date gets pulled up and anything that isn't,
> doesn't.
> However, this requires having a much greater availability of release
> management and testing resources.

And perhaps an argument for automated tests that could prove out a release?
If you mean manual testing resources, given the scope of platform support =
and myriad branches for OpenAFS I doubt 'enough' will ever be enough :)  =
If we could bend those resources to creating and maintaining functional =
tests then that might be a better use of time.  Definitely a challenge =

> Coupled with the biweekly release schedule, I believe it is important
> that the web site provide guidance to end users as to which release
> build is known to be reliable on which platforms.   Otherwise, users
> will
> always go for the most recent build and frequently end up with something
> much less reliable than we would prefer.
> Jeffrey Altman

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