[OpenAFS] buildbot and packages

Derrick Brashear shadow@gmail.com
Tue, 18 Sep 2012 10:49:54 -0400

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Troy Benjegerdes <hozer@hozed.org> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 10:39:45AM -0400, Derrick Brashear wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 10:31 AM, Troy Benjegerdes <hozer@hozed.org> wrote:
>> > On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 08:06:39PM +0100, Simon Wilkinson wrote:
>> >>
>> >> On 17 Sep 2012, at 19:54, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
>> >> > If 'rebuild with debug' symbols is the answer to find the segfault, then why
>> >> > don't we change './regen && ./configure && make check' to turn on debug symbols
>> >> > by default (at least in master.. we can turn it back off in a release)
>> >>
>> >> If you are developing, then you should be running configure with at least --enable-checking and --enable-debug
>> >
>> > What documentation on libtool/autoconf/etc/whatever should I be looking at
>> > to make '--enable-checking' and '--enable-debug' be the default when I do
>> > './regen && ./configure && make check' so I can submit a patch for master.
>> Frankly, I'd patch either the human or the script which runs "'./regen
>> && ./configure && make check'" as it's
>> gonna be less work.
>> None of those steps knows about another, nor should they. If you want
>> to enable debugging, just do it.
>> If you want to provide a script which does debug builds, do it.
>> Anything else is pointless complexity.
> Debug symbols are pointless complexity ;)
> If they are something you are going to ask a bug reporter for, then my
> argument is ./configure (no arguments) should 'do the right thing' so
> you can get all the information you need in a bug report with no extra
> retests required.

If you know enough to use configure (not a frontend script, but configure) and
end up with an AFS you install, I assume you have a small amount of clue and
can deal. If you want to use a frontend script, fix that script.

> If there's a perceived performance impact to having debug on in a release
> build, then I want to see a full QA test and benchmark results showing that
> it's actually slowing things down.

Well, as soon as you finish it, feel free to share the results.

We're waiting with bated breath.