[OpenAFS] buildbot and packages

Troy Benjegerdes hozer@hozed.org
Tue, 18 Sep 2012 14:07:20 -0500

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 01:12:33PM -0400, Derrick Brashear wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 12:54 PM, Troy Benjegerdes <hozer@hozed.org> wrote:
> > [snip]
> >> > If there's a perceived performance impact to having debug on in a release
> >> > build, then I want to see a full QA test and benchmark results showing that
> >> > it's actually slowing things down.
> >>
> >> Well, as soon as you finish it, feel free to share the results.
> >>
> >> We're waiting with bated breath.
> >
> > Done. http://gerrit.openafs.org/#change,8137
> >
> > My rate to prove that the perfomance impact of this change is negligible
> > for most all use cases is $125/hour. If I am contracted to perform a full
> > QA test and benchmark run for this change, I will refund half of my fee to
> > the first organization that can demonstrate that they are one of the edge
> > cases that  does actually see a performance degredation from default debug.
> You said you wanted to see it. When you make enough money harvesting those
> soybeans to pay yourself, let us know what you find.

I have about half of them sold at a good price. But I need a working ipv6 and
rxgk/rxk5 capable to be able to store my yield data and notes about reverse
engineering the wiring diagram on the header control height. I'm going to hack
on those things in my own fork.

But if I see something broken in master, and propose a simple fix, I'm going 
to try and send it back upstream.

Now, the problem is that **YOU** asked for me to rebuild with --enable-debug
and I spent a couple of billable hours finding out it's a heisenbug that goes
away when I enable debugging.

That's not a big deal. What's a big deal is I'll spend about 10 or 15 more 
hours arguing on the mailing list or on gerrit for a very simple change to
make sure the default builds ensure I can always send you a reasonable
stack trace.

So if there's a better alternative to http://gerrit.openafs.org/#change,8137
please show me the code. I'd be perfectly happy if you had some nightly (or
weekly) builds that I can just run through my own test suite on a VM.

It's busted. Now, please, pick one of the following:

1) accept my fix
2) come up with something better for free
3) pay me to come up with something better, and prove it's better
4) find a client to pay you to come up with something better

(FYI, the fact that I'm still having this argument in the first place
is a good sign that I've tried everything else, and OpenAFS is the one
filesystem that I have any level of confidence I'll be able to get something
back out of it in 30 years from now)