[OpenAFS] More Re: OpenAFS: pr_SNameToId not responding

John Tang Boyland boyland@uwm.edu
Tue, 25 Sep 2012 10:37:52 -0500

This is a followup with more information and hope for a solution.

I wrote in March about a student who had this error while
running aklog -d (although ultimately successful)
	pr_SNameToId Error server or network not responding
but also was able to access /afs/openafs.org but not /afs/cs.uwm.edu
NET VIEW \\AFS gives the correct information:
cs.uwm.edu    Disk           AFS MountPoint to #cs.uwm.edu:root.cell
openafs.org   Disk           AFS MountPoint to #openafs.org:root.cell

I had another student with the syndrome (NIM works fine / openafs.org
works fine / no cs.uwm.edu access / aklog -d gives the pr_SNameToId error)
today, and I tried "fs checks" and found that it says that
	miller.cs.uwm.edu is not available
Which is very strange since miller is not an AFS server (file or database).
But miller is the machine that "cs.uwm.edu" resolves to!

So it seems that the installation lacks a CellServDB and/or isn't capable of
handling AFSBD and/or we're not producing the right records.
I think the solution would be to create a CellServDB with an entry for
cs.uwm.edu.  Probably reinstalling openafs will give us a chance to
get the grand-central version, which works for cs.uwm.edu

Best regards,