[OpenAFS] Status of Perl AFS with 1.6?

Steve Simmons scs@umich.edu
Tue, 25 Sep 2012 13:30:30 -0400

The last bit of discussion on perlafs with openafs 1.6 seemed to end =
with the note below. If there's been progress on this, can anyone point =
us at patches/whatever? We've got a person here who's trying to use AFS =
perl interfaces on gentoo with AFS 1.6, and he's not having much joy.

Advance thanks,


From: Norbert Gruener <nog@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE>
Date: April 23, 2012 9:32:19 AM EDT
To: OpenAFS <openafs-info@openafs.org>
Cc: Stephen Quinney <stephen@jadevine.org.uk>
Subject: Re: [OpenAFS] Perl AFS on EL6/x86_64 with 1.6

Hi Stephen,

On Tue, Apr 03 2012, Stephen Quinney wrote:
> I believe there are some patches floating around which make it
> possible to build and run the perl AFS module on RHEL6 x86_64 with
> openafs version 1.6. Does anyone know anything about these? Or can
> anyone point me in the right direction as to what needs doing?

in September 2011, Simon Wilkinson wrote on this OpenAFS mailing list

>> Yes, perl-AFS doesn't really work on 64bit platforms. This is
>> because its library dependencies are all a bit of a mess - it mixes
>> PIC and non-PIC libraries, as well as mingling pthread and LWP code
>> in the same object. It just about gets away with this on 32 bit
>> platforms, but this doesn't work on 64bit, and no longer works with
>> OpenAFS 1.6.0.
>> I've been doing some work on sorting all of this out. This requires
>> some OpenAFS library changes (so that we provide PIC versions of all
>> of the symbols perl-AFS needs), which will be in 1.6.1, as well as
>> patches to the perl-AFS code itself.

I had contacted him about those changes, but so far there are no
adapted libraries available.  At the moment I am doing the final tests
for a new release of AFSPerl v2.6.3.  But this will only work with
OpenAFS 1.4.X

After that release I will try to make the step towards OpenAFS 1.6.X
with support from Simon and maybe some other OpenAFS developers.


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