[OpenAFS] BSoDs after switching to Heimdal

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Thu, 27 Sep 2012 18:29:29 -0400

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Several BSOD conditions were fixed in post 1.7.15 releases.  Current=20
release is 1.7.17.

Neither Kerberos implementation can trigger a BSOD.

32-bit NIM is not required.

On Thursday, September 27, 2012 6:12:33 PM, Thomas Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Software versions:
>     - Heimdal
>     - NIM
>     - OpenAFS 1.7.15
>     - Win 7 Pro and Ent, both SP1, 64-bit
> We have been using KfW for a while now and have had occasional BSoDs
> that seem to have been related to its use--the reported blue screens
> always occurred while accessing some resource within AFS.
> We are in the process of switching to Heimdal now and seem to have the
> same problem--on multiple systems. Each test system was previously
> running KfW, we haven't yet tested a clean install on any of our
> systems yet. For the switch, we uninstalled NIM and then KfW and then
> installed Heimdal and NIM.
> It was also my understanding that on 64-bit Windows, both 32- and
> 64-bit NIM were necessary--so both have been installed on these test
> systems. Along with that, the 32-bit KfW DLLs have been copied to
> "C:\Program Files (x86)\Heimdal\bin" in order to get 32-bit NIM
> working properly.
> Is there something that I'm missing here? Everything is working
> exactly as I would expect except for the fact that we get these
> BSoDs--always the same errors, always the same circumstances
> (accessing AFS).
> (Not sure if this is related... But we get these same BSoDs on our
> Windows XP Pro systems--they are using KfW but otherwise NIM and AFS
> client versions are the same.)
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> ~ Tom

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