[OpenAFS] Re: Weird LAN/WAN login problem

Andrew Deason adeason@sinenomine.net
Mon, 25 Feb 2013 09:37:09 -0600

On Sun, 24 Feb 2013 20:50:02 +0200
Jukka Tuominen <jukka.tuominen@finndesign.fi> wrote:

> > What happens from WAN? What failure or error message do you see?
> It cannot find .ICEauthority file, so I guess it means afs isn't
> available?

I don't know; as far as I know that's what it says for any error when
trying to access your homedir. Without knowing the specific error that
is occurring, I can't say what is failing. One of the situations you
mentioned was this:

>>> - Once A logged in from WAN, you cannot see the full path to the B
>>> homedir. In LAN you do.

So, you log in as user A on the WAN, and you try to access the homedir
for user B. What is the error message you get from, say, 'ls'? The exact
error message.

Andrew Deason