[OpenAFS] Re: Weird LAN/WAN login problem

jukka.tuominen@finndesign.fi jukka.tuominen@finndesign.fi
Tue, 26 Feb 2013 22:38:44 +0200 (EET)

Almost there. I managed to move the LAN-only users so that they can access
the server from WAN now! All except two, root.afs and root.cell. The
changeloc command gives no error, but when I try to remove the local IP
server, it tells:

Could not remove server from the VLDB
VLDB: volume Id exists in the vldb

When I run
# vos listvldb -server
it tells:

VLDB entries for server

    RWrite: 536870912     ROnly: 536870913
    number of sites -> 3
       server [ISP name for the public IP] partition /vicepa RW Site
       server [ISP name for the public IP] artition /vicepa RO Site
       server [actual public name] partition /vicepa RO Site

    RWrite: 536870915     ROnly: 536870916
    number of sites -> 3
       server [ISP name for the public IP] partition /vicepa RW Site
       server [ISP name for the public IP] partition /vicepa RO Site
       server [actual public name] partition /vicepa RO Site

By [ISP name for the public IP] I mean the generic name the ISP uses for
dynamic IPs. However, a static IP is used, and the [actual public name] is
routed to there. Somehow, [ISP name for the public IP] exists in parallel,
too. Sorry, not very well explained.

So, how do I get rid of the remaining entries in, and remove
the server?

Also, I wonder what happens when I create a new user? Should I get rid of
the local IP in CellServDB file, or will it be fine?

br, jukka

> On Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:58:29 -0600
> Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net> wrote:
>> Your problem here is not likely to be solved by an IP mentioned in a
>> configuration file; the problem is an IP that's in the VLDB, so you
>> can't just change it manually.
>> There are some steps you can take to fix this, but just give me a
>> minute to write them down.
> So, what I think is likely the problem here is that conceptually you
> have two 'servers' in the VLDB. One has the 'public' IP address and a
> UUID (I'll call it serverA), and the other has the IP and
> no UUID (which I believe causes it to not get listed by the above
> command). You can kind of see this if you run 'vos listvldb -server
> <public.ip>' and 'vos listvldb -server', and you should
> get different results. (Use IP addresses here, not host names, to be
> sure you're running the right thing.)
> Assuming all of that up there makes sense, what you need to do to fix it
> is to 'move' volumes on serverB to serverA. You're not actually moving
> any data around, since those are the same physical server. You're just
> telling the VLDB that the volume is on a different server.
> So, look at the output from 'vos listvldb -server'; this
> lists every volume that's on "serverB", and so should be every volume
> for which you have this problem (check that output and see if it makes
> sense to you). I assume every entry in that output only lists an 'RW
> site' for each volume; if you have 'RO sites', you may need to move
> those separately, and I'm not covering that here. Anyway, for each RW
> volume on serverB, run this:
> vos changeloc <public.ip> <partition> <volume_name>
> So, if you see something like this:
> vol.foo
>     RWrite: 3757072894
>     number of sites -> 1
>        server partition /vicepa RW Site
> Run:
> vos changeloc <public.ip> vicepa vol.foo
> And if it was on e.g. partition vicepc instead, you'd run:
> vos changeloc <public.ip> vicepc vol.foo
> Once you're done, you can run:
> vos changeaddr -remove
> To try to remove the old "serverB". If there are any entries that exist
> on serverB that you haven't moved yet, that command will fail. But if
> you've moved everything, that command should succeed, and you're
> guaranteed that nothing is referencing that server entry.
> Okay, that should be all; make sense?
> And so you're aware, and for anyone else that's about to mention them,
> there are a couple of commands that do something like this
> "automatically", called 'vos syncserv' and 'vos syncvldb'. I don't know
> if they handle this situation correctly, though (that is, two vldb
> server entries for the same server), so I wasn't using them for this.
> You should also know that in general, if you manage to screw up the
> VLDB, one option is always to delete the whole VLDB and recreate it. The
> 'vos syncserv' and 'vos syncvldb' mentioned above are able to recreate
> the database from scratch, if you want to.
> --
> Andrew Deason
> adeason@sinenomine.net
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