[OpenAFS] enctype issues with Heimdal and debian for afs/cell

Coy Hile Coy.Hile@COYHILE.COM
Fri, 19 Jul 2013 12:15:44 +0000

> Maybe you should remove the non des-cbc ones and couldn't hurt to have a
> des-cbc-crc one as well before generating the KeyFile

That certainly helped.  Now I'm getting a different set of errors from aklo=

chaos:/var/log # aklog -d
Authenticating to cell coyhile.com (server chaos.coyhile.com).
Trying to authenticate to user's realm COYHILE.COM.
Getting tickets: afs/coyhile.com@COYHILE.COM
Using Kerberos V5 ticket natively
About to resolve name admin to id in cell coyhile.com.
Id 1
Set username to AFS ID 1
Setting tokens. AFS ID 1 @ coyhile.com
aklog: unknown cell was passed to SetToken while obtaining tokens for cell =

Yet the server seems to know its cell:

chaos:/var/log # bos listhosts chaos -localauth
Cell name is coyhile.com
    Host 1 is chaos.coyhile.com
chaos:/var/log #

Am I conflating error messages since I've configured neither the client (be=
sides whatever configuration debconf did on install) nor the (da)fileserver=