[OpenAFS] KDE 4.8 - files >9 GB - problem

Atro Tossavainen openafs@atrotossavainen.fi
Fri, 22 Mar 2013 10:26:46 +0200


> With Debian Wheezy getting ready to be released and included KDE 4.8.x,
> we have a problem:
> copy files >9 GB of size into a OpenAFS sub directory with enough quota
> shows instantly a "disk full".
> Looks like KDE checks the free space on the device and reports: only
> 8.6G free, no space for any bigger file.

Whatever is using "df" to determine the amount of free space on AFS
will utterly fail.

> Any hints were to report a bug and get this resolved?

I would suggest to file a bug with KDE development.

Not that KDE is the only place where such things happen.

AFS, sshfs, and possibly others are utterly useless targets for "df".

Attempting to manually (essentially) analyse file permissions based on
UNIX permissions, available disk space based on df, etc. are concepts
that are doomed to fail.  I don't think it should be done at all because
there are edge cases (such as using AFS) where the conventional UNIX
semantics just don't apply, but you can still do whatever it is that
you intended to do.  Applications that try to be smarter than you and
the OS combined are poorly behaved, I'd say.

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