[OpenAFS] Problems with flaky WLAN, Windows OpenAFS 1.7.24

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Mon, 20 May 2013 11:02:07 +0200

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My laptop has a flaky connection to my home cable WLAN.
I use Windows 7 x64 en on my laptop with OpenAFS 1.7.24.

Servers: OpenAFS 1.6.2-1 Debian.

Now I copy over 15GB of pictures (~2000 files), and try to copy them
into OpenAFS filespace with total commander or explorer.
My upload speed is somewhat in the 600 kbyte/sec, so this upload doies
run unattended during the night.

With the flaky WLAN it ends up with ~10-20 files with brocken checksums,
although copy did not broke and all files do have same filesize as origin=

IMHO files were copied successfull into local cache, and were flushed
onto servers. While that flush a connection does time out, but OpenAFS
does somehow work around it. And on basic check of filesize/date no
problems are to be seen.

Any quick way to debug this? Or do I need to go onto package level?

(yeah, real solution would be fixing my WLAN, but imho customers with 3G
do have flaky lines although from time to time and files should not
corrupt due to this)

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