[OpenAFS] switching to DAFS and -showmounts

Brunckhorst, Ralf ralf.brunckhorst@hp.com
Fri, 31 May 2013 12:48:10 +0000


after switching one AFS-fileserver to DAFS I get some problems with the -sh=
owmounts option for some programs:
Version: openafs-1.6.2

If I try to get the mount points for a specific partition I got the followi=

With dasalvager:
 # /usr/afs/bin/dasalvager -partition /vicepc -showmounts -showlog

salvager:  There appears to be another salvager running!  Aborted.

@(#) OpenAFS 1.6.2 built  2013-02-22=20

05/31/2013 14:21:46 STARTING AFS SALVAGER 2.4 (/usr/afs/bin/dasalvager -par=
tition /vicepc -showmounts -showlog)

05/31/2013 14:21:46 _VLockFd: conflicting lock held on fd 4, offset 0 by pi=
d 24584 (locktype=3D2)

# ps -ef | grep 24584

root     24584 24579  0 14:18 ?        00:00:00 /usr/afs/bin/salvageserver

With salvageserver:
# /usr/afs/bin/salvageserver -partition /vicepc -showmounts -showlog

/usr/afs/bin/salvageserver: Unrecognized or ambiguous switch '-showmounts';=
 type '/usr/afs/bin/salvageserver help initcmd' for detailed help

The man page of salvageserver includes the -showmounts option:
       salvageserver - Initializes the Salvageserver component of the dafs =

       salvageserver [initcmd] [-partition <name of partition to salvage>]
           [-volumeid <volume id to salvage>] [-debug] [-nowrite]
           [-inodes] [-force] [-oktozap] [-rootinodes]
           [-salvagedirs] [-blockreads]
           [-parallel <# of max parallel partition salvaging>]
           [-tmpdir <name of dir to place tmp files>]
           [-showlog] [-showsuid] [-showmounts]
           [-orphans (ignore | remove | attach)]
           [-client] [-help]

The binary not:
# /usr/afs/bin/salvageserver -h
Usage: /usr/afs/bin/salvageserver [initcmd] [-partition <Name of partition =
to salvage>] [-volumeid <Volume Id to salvage>] [-debug] [-nowrite] [-inode=
s] [-oktozap] [-rootinodes] [-salvagedirs] [-blockreads] [-parallel <# of m=
ax parallel partition salvaging>] [-tmpdir <Name of dir to place tmp files =
>] [-showlog] [-orphans <ignore | remove | attach>] [-syslog] [-syslogfacil=
ity <Syslog facility number to use>] [-datelogs] [-client] [-help]

Any hints or how can I get the mount points info?