[OpenAFS] Re: Help migrating to ubuntu from Solaris

Andrew Deason adeason@sinenomine.net
Fri, 8 Nov 2013 10:03:23 -0600

On Thu, 07 Nov 2013 15:49:50 -0600
John Tang Boyland <boyland@pabst.cs.uwm.edu> wrote:

>     After many years of using Solaris machines, we are transitioning
> to Linux.  I have used SC Linux and Debian, and now we are using
> Ubuntu.

I'm happy to see you've already got this resolved, but I just wanted to
provide some notes if you ever find yourself in a similar situation

> It seems the server starts up unauthenticated and refuses to let me
> set the level to authenticated.  Even starting "/usr/sbin/bosserver &"
> manually still starts up unauthenticated.

I don't think it is; none of the messages you have shown seem to
indicate it was running with noauth.

> $ bos status localhost -localauth
> bos: running unauthenticated
> [localauth works fine, as does -noauth]

If you ran bos with -localauth, and it says "running unauthenticated",
that's not fine. That means we did not actually get localauth tokens,
and we fell back to trying the operation without any credentials. The
"bos: running unauthenticated" is saying that the "bos" command is
running unauthenticated, not the whole bosserver.

> $ bos setauth localhost on -noauth
> bos: running unauthenticated
> bos: you are not authorized for this operation (failed to set authentication flag)
> [Say what?  It's unauthenticated but I'm not authorized?]

Yes, you didn't have any credentials, and 'setauth' requires
authentication to run (unless you're running bosserver in noauth mode).
So this makes it pretty unambiguous that bosserver is _not_ running in
noauth mode.

Andrew Deason