[OpenAFS] Re: Update squeeze openafs-fileserver to squeeze-backports

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Thu, 03 Oct 2013 09:28:31 -0700

Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net> writes:
> Jean-Marc Choulet <jm130794@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Setting up openafs-client (1.6.1-3+deb7u1~bpo60+1) ...
>> update-alternatives: using /usr/bin/pagsh.openafs to provide 
>> /usr/bin/pagsh (pagsh) in auto mode.
>> dpkg: error processing openafs-client (--configure):
>>   subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1

> This is maybe more appropriate in a debian bug or a more debian-centric
> forum, but we can try, and Russ reads this list anyway.

> That doesn't seem to be telling you why the postinst script failed, and
> I'm not really sure of everything that it does that can fail. But I
> think you can get it to say what it's doing by doing something like this
> after it fails:

> Edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/openafs-client.postinst, and change the 'set -e'
> near the top to 'set -xe'. Then run 'dpkg --configure --pending', or
> maybe just try to install openafs-client again. It should print out a
> bunch more stuff about what commands it is running, which should give a
> clue as to what is actually failing. (And thanks for running with
> LANG=C; that is helpful.)

This may or may not work the way that you want because of how debconf
works, but yes, that's what I'd suggest as well.

I suspect the problem is with setting up alternatives for klog, since
that's the next line immediately after setting up alternatives for pagsh.
Therefore, the output of:

    ls -l /usr/bin/klog /usr/share/man/man1/klog.1.gz \
        /etc/alternatives/klog /etc/alternatives/klog.1.gz

might be useful.  In particular, if you have an actual binary instead of a
symlink installed as /usr/bin/klog, bad things will happen (although I
would have expected some sort of error message).

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