[OpenAFS] not enough space in target directory

Christian chanlists@googlemail.com
Sat, 05 Oct 2013 00:36:53 +0200


we are seeing some weird issues with the windows client (1.7.26, but hat 
also seen that with previous 1.7 versions). Often, when attempting to 
write data, my users get a popup box complaining about insufficient 
space in the target directory. In those cases, writing the data to the 
RW path (.cell.name) instead works just fine. Note that the volumes 
which are being accessed in those cases do NOT have RO replicas, just 
some of the volumes from which they are mounted. Write access just fails 
intermittently when accessed through a path which contains OTHER 
replicated volumes.

So, for example, say that the volume "users" containing the mount points 
for the individual user volumes is replicated. Then write access to 
/afs/our.cell/users/joe.user will fail intermittently, while writing to 
/afs/.our.cell/users/joe.user always works. We use dynroot and SRV records.

I have read the debugging instructions, but I am a little unsure about 
how we should proceed here. What should I do? Try fs trace?