[OpenAFS] ls: cannot open directory .: No such device

Fredrik Kšllgren fredrik.kallgren@genesis.se
Thu, 17 Oct 2013 09:56:36 +0200


first off. I'm new to AFS and this question might be kind if stupid. But
here goes.

I've set up a server going through 'OpenAFS Quick Start Guide for UNIX'.
No problems occured during the installation. I've also set up another
machine as the client. 

But when I try to ls (from the client) the '/afs/<cellname>' I get "ls:
cannot open directory.: No such device". I can see traffic traveling
from client to the server so it's probably no network problem. kinit and
aklog seems to work fine.

I would appreciate to get some advice or pointers on what I'm doing
wrong. The feeling is that there are problem with authentication. But
I'm really not sure.