[OpenAFS] Re: fileserver process eat CPU

Jean-Marc Choulet jm130794@gmail.com
Wed, 11 Sep 2013 18:28:20 +0200

Le 11/09/2013 17:10, Andrew Deason a écrit :
> On Tue, 10 Sep 2013 20:07:46 +0200
> Jean-Marc Choulet <jm130794@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> For how long does it use 80% cpu?
>> Every 10 seconds
>> How long : about 10 seconds
> Every 10 seconds for 10 seconds? ...is it always using a lot of cpu,
> then?
> But anyway, if any kind of 10-second-related pattern appears, I assume
> it's the sync() thing, and upgrading to squeeze-backports is probably
> the easiest way to fix that. If you want to be more sure, run 'strace'
> on the fileserver process when you think it's idle. You should see it
> appear to hang on sync(). Something like:
> strace -f -p <fileserver_pid>
> You'll see some other stuff going on, too, probably, even if the server
> isn't doing anything useful. But I don't think that version has _too_
> much going on when it's idle, so you should be able to just see the
> sync() calls by looking at it.
Last night we did the upgrade to squeeze backports. Everything works 
fine now.

Thank you for your help.