[OpenAFS] OpenAFS installation messes up Windows 8 file access control

Tim Adye T.J.Adye@rl.ac.uk
Tue, 24 Sep 2013 12:40:00 +0100

Hi Jeffrey,

Jeffrey Altman wrote on 24 September 2013 02:17:-
> On 9/23/2013 8:36 PM, Tim Adye wrote:
> > By several long processes of elimination, I found that =
> > was being loaded by a registry key:
> >
> > =

> > @=3D"{5F820CA1-3DDE-11DB-B2CE-001558092DB5}"
> >
> > which autoruns doesn't know about. If I remove that key, my bug is
> > fixed! I checked that this key is added as part of the OpenAFS
> > installation and removing it is all that's needed to fix File =
> > administrator access control.
> >
> > What does this key do? Will it break anything to remove it? I didn't =
> > any problem, and the OpenAFS icon overlays and context menus seem to =
> This is the registration for the InfoTip handler.  When you hover the
> pointer over a mount point or symlink an infotip is displayed that =
> the target object.

Thanks, that's fine for me. I can live without this feature on AFS =
folders and work around the much more serious problem working with =
administrator NTFS folders.

If you are interested in debugging this further, I'd be happy to help if =
you have any ideas of what to test. I don't have a MS support contract, =


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