[OpenAFS] Invalid tags in release stream?

Nathaniel W Filardo nwf@cs.jhu.edu
Fri, 1 Aug 2014 01:03:50 -0400

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Salutations openafs-info@,

I'm wondering if we're the only cell on the planet seeing messages like

> Thu Jul 31 04:24:32 2014 ReadVnodes: unknown tag x96 found, skipping
> Thu Jul 31 04:24:32 2014 ReadVnodes: unknown invalid tag x96, aborting

transiently while releasing volumes?  All hosts involved are Linux running
Debian packaging 1.6.9-1 on amd64 machines.  Last the salvager ran on this
particular volume, it came away happy, for whatever that's worth.  Releasing
again can yield different errors despite it being the same command (what's
the definition of insanity, again?)

> Fri Aug  1 04:57:34 2014 ReadVnodes: unknown tag x54 found, skipping
> Fri Aug  1 04:57:34 2014 ReadVnodes: unknown critical tag xa3, aborting

We have also observed, on a different machine (and in particular running
FreeBSD) things that look suspiciously like dump stream corruption or other
kinds of badness (https://rt.central.org/rt/Ticket/Display.html?id=131872)
and I am worried that this might be a milder consequence of the same kind of
bug, so I'd like to know if it's seemingly site-local or affecting other
people, too.

Thanks much,

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