[OpenAFS] Re: Authentication without aklog

Russ Allbery eagle@eyrie.org
Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:08:29 -0700

Andrew Deason <adeason@sinenomine.net> writes:

> Now, if you just mean, "just support kernel keyring ccaches on Linux,
> and if you're not using them, then you lose", then okay. Right now I'm
> sure I'd try to support at least FILE: ccaches as well, since they are
> the easiest in some ways, but at some point we'd just say some ccaches
> don't work with this, sure.

I don't think Heimdal supports keyring caches currently, although I may
have missed some development there.

DIR: caches are also quite useful for implementations that support them if
you have to juggle tickets from multiple realms.  You can do the same
thing with KEYRING: caches, but it's a lot easier to inspect DIR: caches
and debug problems.

To take a step back, one difficulty I've been having with this whole
thread is how you get PAGs if you don't require some sort of PAM-like
thing to run during user login.  You can't get PAGs through looking at
people's ticket cache; the whole point of PAGs is that they *don't* follow
UID-based access control (and a lot of AFS applications heavily rely on
that feature).

People seem to think that the point of pam-afs-session is to run aklog,
but that's not true.  The main reason why pam-afs-session exists is to
create the PAG.  If all one had to do was run aklog during login, one
could just use pam_exec; there would be no need for a separate module.
The PAG management is the hard part.

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