[OpenAFS] enobufs, "No buffer space available" messages

Renata Maria Dart renata@slac.stanford.edu
Fri, 11 Jul 2014 17:13:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I found some earlier discussion on openafs about this error
message popping out, it seems when a transaction has taken "longer"
than expected.  I couldn't find anything though that described a
"fix".  Is there a fix?  Or is the fix to get a faster server?  :-)
The discussion that I am referring to took place in October of last year
with the subject "No buffer space available" reported by Stephan

This is the last of the discussion that I have found:

  As has been pointed out to me, this has been in 1.6 for a while. Sorry;
  I thought I checked, but I was looking at the 'git log' for an older

  Same thing, though. With 8462 we retry on VNOSERVICE errors, but the
  CreateFile operation is not idempotent, so we can't retry it. We
  probably should retry CreateFile operations, and swallow an EEXIST error
  if it doesn't matter (file was created without O_EXCL). And/or we really
  shouldn't let VNOSERVICE propagate to userspace.

  > > I assume this was hanging for a little while before erroring out,
  > > yes?
  > Sorry, I really can't tell. When you copy files around a quarter of
  > the globe, there are always delays. And as usual, I fired the command
  > and then went on to something else. I'm fairly sure it didn't hang for
  > more than about a minute though.

  "About a minute" I think is enough for this.

We are running 1.6.5 fileservers and we are seeing this error
message appear intermittently from a script that updates
links in AFS space.  It comes out at the time the script attempts
to remove a lock file.