[OpenAFS] Performance tuning - one core

Anton Lundin glance@acc.umu.se
Wed, 8 Oct 2014 14:25:12 +0200

On 08 October, 2014 - Staffan Hämälä wrote:

> Simon Wilkinson gave a talk at the AFS and Kerberos conference at CERN about
> the possibility of getting better performance by limiting the AFS server to
> use only one core (or cores on the same die).
> Has anyone else tried this yet? I guess this only applies to the
> dafileserver. Or should other server processes also be limited to one core?
> (e.g. the bosserver, davolserver, salvageserver, etc)

I wrote some lines back in 2011 about that:

I haven't worked on openafs about since then, so what the current state
is i know nothing about.


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