[OpenAFS] OAFS 1.7.x Win and Case (In)Sensitivity

Mickey Lane mlane@sinenomine.net
Thu, 25 Sep 2014 13:30:17 +0000

I was not able to detect any sort of case sensitivity using either the star=
t menu or a console prompt. Is it possible that Corel Draw occasionally use=
s an 8.3 directory identifer?

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What's the story with case insentitivy or sensitivity with the Windows OAFS=

Of course, OpenAFS is case sensitive and Windows is not. So, does the clien=
t attempt to resolve things irrespective or case or should it fail if indee=
d the case doesn't match?

In this specific case, Corel Draw is attempting a CreateFile call on a path=
 into AFS with everything completely capitalized (why Corel Draw does this =
in some cases and in others has the path correctly upper and lowered, dunno=
). When Corel does the all caps, according to Process Monitor, the operatio=
n fails with PATH_NOT_FOUND.

Looking at DebugView with fs trace on ... I see:

cm_EvaluteVolumeReference for string
  Found cell [CNF.CORNELL.EDU] and volume [HOME.STAFF.DWB7] RDR_EvaluateNod=
eByName FAILURE code=3D0x6654321d status=3D0xc000003a

I see that 0xc000003a is ineed STATUS_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND

So, this makes me wonder why if I in the start menu were to type in the sam=
e full path in all caps, a windows explorer window opens with the folder.

Should this be reported as an OpenAFS bug or do I need to engage Corel to t=
ry and get them to use case sensitive paths in their calls?


David William Botsch
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