[OpenAFS] Any preference for RHEL file servers

Kieffer, Catherine Catherine.Kieffer@spirent.com
Fri, 3 Apr 2015 19:33:33 +0000

Well so far I like RHEL 7 thought it is still a bit of a learning curve.  I=
 haven't found any released client installs that I have been able to instal=
l on my RHEL 7 AFS clients and I have been unsuccessful in my build attempt=
s, though my skills in that area are a bit lacking.

I can't say anything about the file server side of it.  But since it isn't =
tied to the kernel I would think it would be less of an issue.

It is strictly a 64 bit install and I used the UEFI boot.


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It looks like I'll finally get around to upgrading our AFS fileserver machi=
nes.  The new ones will be using Redhat enterprise, and I was just wonderin=
g if there is any reason to prefer RHEL6 vs RHEL7, as far as openafs itself=
 is concerned.

I realize redhat will support RHEL7 for a lot longer than RHEL6, but it als=
o seems to me that a lot of things have changed at the sysadmin level for R=
HEL7.  So, I'm just curious if one of them is better than the other when it=
 comes to AFS fileservers.  These machines will only be used for AFS filese=
rvers, no other services on them.


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