[OpenAFS] FUSE on Windows to satisfy Microsoft certification

Edgecombe, Jason jwedgeco@uncc.edu
Wed, 8 Apr 2015 14:34:40 +0000

Hi everyone,

OpenAFS isn't the only open source file system that will be locked out of W=
indows by Microsoft's new certification requirements. Quite a few of these =
file systems rely on the FUSE interface. There seems to be a FUSE interface=
 for windows. I don't know if Microsoft would certify the shim-like interfa=
ce of FUSE, but I could see one of the open source foundations or big open =
source companies, like RedHat, supporting the cost of certifying a FUSE dri=
ver for windows. I'm thinking that the larger user-base of FUSE might cause=
 that to happen.  I understand that OpenAFS has a neglected FUSE driver, bu=
t I'm wondering if that's a workable option going forward.


According to the Wikipedia page, there seems to be one or two active FUSE d=
rivers for windows:


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