[OpenAFS] changing fileserver's ip address

GALAMBOS Daniel dancsa@dancsa.hu
Thu, 30 Apr 2015 22:02:45 +0200


I need to change some of our afs servers' IP (hostname won't change). 
The servers are fileservers only, DB servers remains on the same IP.

The problem is  vos listaddr does not lists all fileservers in our cell.
(It is possible that those machines were cloned from one template
machine by previous admin)

afs1:/tmp# vos listaddr -lo -nore

(vldb.DB0 freshly copied to  /tmp/)
afs1:/tmp# vldb_check -d vldb.DB0 -se -ver
Read each entry in the database
Found 10990 entries, 26391 free entries, 1 multihomed blocks
Found 10989 RW volumes, 10976 BK volumes, 15 RO volumes
Check Multihomed blocks
MH block 0, index 1: A.B.151.17
MH block 0, index 2: A.B.151.25
MH block 0, index 3: A.B.1.162
MH block 0, index 4: A.B.151.37
1 multihomed blocks
Check server addresses
   Server ip addr 0 = MH block 0, index 1
   Server ip addr 1 = MH block 0, index 2
   Server ip addr 2 = MH block 0, index 3
   Server ip addr 3 = MH block 0, index 4
   Server ip addr 4 = A.B.151.40
   Server ip addr 5 = A.B.151.33
   Server ip addr 6 = A.B.151.34
3 simple entries, 4 multihomed entries, Total = 7

The A.B.1.162 server has been terminated, I can remove it with**vos
changeaddr --remove.  What should I do with the other IPs that isn't
listed by listaddr?

Also if i shut down the services on ** A.B.151.40 which is fileserver
only machine. Put in an other network with other IP, and restart the afs
services, It automatically modifies the vldb so every volume become
accessible, or it is needed to resync the vol headers/vldb?

(afs servers are debian wheezy-backports 1.6.9-1~bpo70+1)

Any advice is appreciated.

Galambos Dániel/Dancsa