[OpenAFS] Dafileserver does not manage to slavage volume

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Wed, 08 Jul 2015 13:41:54 +0200 (CEST)

# dpkg -l | grep  openafs-f
ii  openafs-fileserver                 1.6.1-3+deb7u1                amd64        AFS distributed filesystem file server

After a poweroutage, the salvager has not salvaged everything:

In SalsrvLog:

07/07/2015 00:57:12 Salvaged stackware (536870963): 3401 files, 71676 blocks

and later

07/07/2015 06:08:17 dispatching child to salvage volume 536870963...

Eh, why again?

In Volserlog:

Zillions of

Wed Jul  8 13:22:06 2015 Scheduling salvage for volume 536870963 on part /vicepa over FSSYNC

and one

Wed Jul  8 13:22:06 2015 1 Volser: GetVolInfo: Could not attach volume 536870963 (/vicepa:V0536870963.vol) error=101

# file /vicepa/V0536870963.vol 
/vicepa/V0536870963.vol: data

FileLog says:

Wed Jul  8 02:16:08 2015 denying offline request for volume 536870963; volume is
 in salvaging state

vos listvol gives

bogus.536872474                   536872474 RW          0 K Off-line
**** Could not attach volume 536870963 ****
Total volumes onLine 3217 ; Total volumes offLine 2 ; Total busy 0

The bogus.536872474 is I think a rest of another volume that did not
salvage and attach which I forcibly took back from backup as I needed
the data. Something like (vos dump vol.backup | vos restore vol)

So, how should I force a salvage of 536870963? Is -forceDAFS the right
next step?

# bos salvage mount-kilimanjaro.stacken.kth.se a 536870963 -showlog
This is a demand attach fileserver.  Are you sure you want to proceed with a manual salvage?
must specify -forceDAFS flag in order to proceed.