[OpenAFS] OpenAFS client in LXC containers

Neil Davies semanticphilosopher@gmail.com
Wed, 8 Jul 2015 16:03:52 +0100

On 8 Jul 2015, at 15:23, Bertrand NOEL <bertrand.noel.88@gmail.com> wrote:

> Chaskiel, Neil, thanks for your answers!
> I tried your approach. It works well, with the limitations you
> describe (I guess the isolation issue would be solved with user
> namespace, right?).

Must admit I've not managed to resolve it that way, PAGs work but
the namespace isolation doesn't seem to.

> This is good to know, but it is difficult to apply to my use-case,
> because I create my containers with Openstack, which does not support
> sharing a folder from host to container. This is why I wanted to have
> most of the things in the container.
> For my first problem (module on host, creating container, starting
> afsd, then kill container, create a new container, starting afsd gets
> stuck), I see that if I reload openafs module between terminating the
> first container, and creating the new one, it makes afsd work the
> second time.