[OpenAFS] Dafileserver does not manage to slavage volume

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Wed, 15 Jul 2015 10:15:31 +0200 (CEST)

Last night there was a power outage again and the file server and the
salvager did not like each other again.

Unfortunately the FileLog is not dated like the SalvageLog. The reboot
was at 2:20. Then I restarted around 2:35. Then I went home at around
04:05. Then I got a fileserver core at 6:24 and issued a restart at
9:41 which resulted in a core from salvageserver. Then I get alarming
messages like

Wed Jul 15 10:10:25 2015 Scheduling salvage for volume 536903735 on part /vicepa over SALVSYNC
Wed Jul 15 10:10:40 2015 nUsers == 0, but header not on LRU

but that does not seem to hinder salvage

07/15/2015 10:10:25 dispatching child to salvage volume 536903735...
07/15/2015 10:10:26 SALVAGING VOLUME 536903735.
07/15/2015 10:10:26 home.eb (536903735) updated 02/15/2015 13:01
07/15/2015 10:10:26 totalInodes 9
07/15/2015 10:10:26 Salvaged home.eb (536903735): 2 files, 3 blocks

All this is a litte disturbing. And now I have to run off and do other
things :( Well, will see if I have new core files when I return.