[OpenAFS] Uninstall OpenAFS after make install

Stephan Wiesand stephan.wiesand@desy.de
Mon, 22 Jun 2015 13:41:26 +0200

> On 22 Jun 2015, at 09:40, Andreas Ladanyi <andreas.ladanyi@kit.edu> =
>>> iam using Centos 7 and openafs from source tarball.
>> In general when a packaged version of something is available, it =
>> be preferred over a source build, since the packaging system tracks =
>> files are installed by the package and should allow for cleaner
>> uninstalls.
>> http://openafs.org/dl/openafs/ is =
>> 1.6.11 srpm, which ought to be buildable into binary rpms with, e.g.,
>> mock.
> I used this now, but an yum-builddep of this srpm package tells me =
> the package:
> kernel-devel-x86_64 =3D 2.6.18-404.el5 is needed but not found on =
> 7. centos 7 ist working with 3.10.

yum-builddep is looking at the wrong info when used on srpms. Install or =
unpack the srpm and run "yum-builddep openafs.spec" instead.

> I found out that centos 5 is working with kernel 2.6.18.

Indeed, the srpm was built on en EL5 system.

>  But its
> interesting to see that for RHEL 7 there are packages on the openafs
> webseite for release 1.6.8.

That's by accident only. It was decided that packaging OpenAFS has to =
happen "downstream" and thus the project should not provide Linux =
packages for new major OpenAFS releases (1.8+) or new major distribution =
releases (F21+, EL7+).=20

That decision should probably be revisited since the anticipated =
downstream packaging for EL7 hasn't happened (AFAIK) and the once =
existing packaging for Fedora seems not to have made it past the early =
days of F20.

Binary packages for those distributions are still being built and can be =
found in /afs/inf.ed.ac.uk/group/afsbuild , they're just no longer =
uploaded. Which seems kind of silly, given the lack of alternatives.