[OpenAFS] Anyone still use the old 'vspace' script?

Garance A Drosehn drosih@rpi.edu
Sun, 25 Oct 2015 21:47:22 -0400

RPI has been running AFS since the 1990's.  Somewhere along the line
we picked up a script called 'vspace', which is useful for checking
how much space is used/available on individual partitions in an AFS
cell.  The comments include the line:

"This shell script was originally written by Bill Sommerfeld at MIT"

The version we have also allows you to set an arbitrary type-identifier
for each partition.  I don't know if that was in the original script,
or if we added that at RPI.

It happens that this script has been useful for some work I'm doing
right now, so I've made a number of changes to it.  If anyone else is
using the script, I'll make my version available.

Garance Alistair Drosehn                =     drosih@rpi.edu
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