[OpenAFS] Anyone still use the old 'vspace' script?

Stephen Joyce stephen@email.unc.edu
Mon, 26 Oct 2015 07:58:39 -0400

You may also want to be aware of 
<http://user.physics.unc.edu/~stephen/phpafsfree/> which I've used for 
several years. Internally it uses Russ Allbery's 'partinfo', which is also 
quite useful independently if you want to check it out too: 

Cheers, Stephen
Stephen Joyce
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On Sun, 25 Oct 2015, Garance A Drosehn wrote:

> RPI has been running AFS since the 1990's.  Somewhere along the line
> we picked up a script called 'vspace', which is useful for checking
> how much space is used/available on individual partitions in an AFS
> cell.  The comments include the line:
> "This shell script was originally written by Bill Sommerfeld at MIT"
> The version we have also allows you to set an arbitrary type-identifier
> for each partition.  I don't know if that was in the original script,
> or if we added that at RPI.
> It happens that this script has been useful for some work I'm doing
> right now, so I've made a number of changes to it.  If anyone else is
> using the script, I'll make my version available.
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